Our gender balance solutions illuminate and challenge the historical gender context, boost leadership skills and develop strategies to enable women and men to excel in your organisation as a cohesive team. The positive spin-offs include improved performance and the retention of your best female talent.

The PEP model

We use our unique Powering Engendered Partnerships (PEP) model to help you unleash the power of gender balance in your organisation.

Abbellard PEP model

We analyse your policies, practices and environment that may limit women’s successes and ability to rise through the ranks.

We then offer tailored solutions and strategies for change and improved gender diversity that meet your specific needs and empower both male and female management.

We create development and training programmes through the Abbellard Academy to enhance leadership.

Women’s lives are often more complicated than men’s, with competing family and work demands. We help them find balance; empowering them to strive for and achieve more.

We facilitate dialogue between the genders and provide practical courses to address and promote gender awareness.

These tools can help management and staff in your organisation better understand and support each other across the gender line.

Abbellard PEP Model (Powering Engendered Partnerships