Despite representing the majority of the global population, and being responsible for 85% of purchasing decisions, women only own 1% of property and are dramatically underrepresented in global corporates.

Gender balance programmes aim to ensure gender diversity and a balanced composition of women and men in the workplace – especially in decision-making positions.

Study after global study has shown that gender diversity is great for the bottom line – boosting profits and success in the marketplace.

What’s the state of corporate gender diversity?

Only 26% of South African senior management positions are currently filled by women and 21% of local businesses have no women at all in senior management positions.

Globally the proportion of women holding senior business roles in 2014 has remained steady at 24%, while 17% of board members are women.

In South Africa, 15% of boards are made up of women. Eleven percent of those South African businesses with at least one woman in senior management have a female CEO.

At the current rate of appointment of women to senior roles in business, it will take 60 years for women to occupy 50% of leadership positions in South Africa, a fact that highlights the need for women’s leadership development.